To pieces, I tell you! To pieces!

Do you remember Pixie and Dixie from the Huckleberry Hound cartoons? They were wretched, horrid, cutesy little monsters, and I always agreed with the (hopelessly idiotic) Mr. Jinx. I too hated meeces to pieces.

Today I REALLY hate meeces to pieces. Both kinds.

I hate Pixie, or whatever the dratted mouse's name is who decided to die in the wall somewhere between the downstairs and the upstairs and treat me to several days worth of the scent of his demise and its aftermath.

And I hate Dixie - the dying mouse attached to my computer. Random mouse outages are not conducive to study, writing, web surfing, or spider solitaire. And never you mind which one I'm doing more of today.


Eva Robertson said...

Have you tried the "optical mouse" by Logitech? After all-too regular mouse frustration and replacements, I went with that one (available at Walmart). It functions beautifully and has lasted since 2003 (it's just started to act up).

Willa said...

I have a Logitech too. So far so good.

Stephanie said...

You know ... I HAD a Logitech, and I LIKED it. One of the Young Giants did not. That's why I have this other one. Looks like some of this quarter's student money is going to stimulate Logitech's economy. And the Young Giant can just use his own computer!