One glorious advantage

For decades I have lamented my lack of formal, accredited, liberal arts education. I admit it. I have been envious of my husband's multiple degrees, life experience, and most of all ... his time IN LIBRARIES DOING RESEARCH. Someone really does need to hire me as a research assistant.

But, guess what I just did? I started researching ONLINE, in preparation for my final paper for the 19th Century Lit course I am taking ONLINE. And guess what you can do in these here modern times? You can do LIBRARY RESEARCH ONLINE.

And guess what is included in these gloriously, wonderfully, infinitely searchable, hyperlinked, interconnected, downloadable files and journals and articles and such? (This is just so cool.) When I find a journal article I want to use, I print it out. And then I click on the link that gives me the entire citation, all formatted and ready to put into my paper, in MLA format, or APA format, or whatever I want. Poof. Just like that.

Today I have decided that there is a most wonderful advantage to my having waited all this time to earn my own degree. Search, research, locate, click, cut, and paste. What's not to love? On days like this I feel like a whole Lois Greenfield portfolio (searchable, of course)!

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