Your test results are in

A-a-a-hem! You, who've taken the little personality inventory? You got what you paid for, didn't you? A few kind souls have pointed out to me that they have no way to figure out their own results!!!

Here, I say.
Take this test, I say.
Find out about yourself and others, I say.
But ... do it blind.

Oh, very helpful, you say.
Thanks awfully.
You've been very helpful indeed.


Okay. After slapping my silly chimp head in chagrin, with sincere apologies for using my own personality so obliviously (it's all about the process ... --oh -- results? People want results?), I now post the order of results so that you can see for yourself what your most favored and useful "functions" of personality are. I'll be discussing it some more, of course. Once or twice a week, I'll add a post to the "human development" topic. In the meantime, take the inventory for yourself if you haven't, and here's how you read it when you're done.

Across the bottom of your columns, there will be eight numbers, in four sets of two. Those read, going across from left to right, as follows:

(E / I) -------- (S / N) ------- (T / F) -------- (P / J)

Which is translated as:
Extrovert/ Introvert

Now, one more clarification on this post.

An anonymous and highly agitated reader has told me that people "don't like it" when referred to by their personality functions. (I believe this reader was defending Douglas, who is a personal friend, and who discusses this topic with me on a regular basis ... so really, it's okay -- Doug's okay, I mean -- I didn't hurt him -- honest.) This agitated person even said that saying someone is a "thinker" or "feeler" type is the same as referring to women as "boobs" and men as "muscles." This particular reader might want to skip all posts under this particular topic, because I'm not going to stop talking like this. Wanna know why?

Because it saved my sanity and my family relationships, that's why!

Figuring out that I'm not so maladjusted as I'd always thought was a big help -- if someone knew what an INFJ was, and could tell me to myself, then maybe I wasn't a mutant after all! This was huge for me. And then there's the matter of learning all about the lenses people use for viewing their world. What a glorious gift this has been! Now I can figure out how to do the translation from different perspectives. After all, if I'm standing on the dirt, and looking up at the building, but you're standing on a hill a mile away, it's just possible that I can see things you can't see, and you can see things I can't see, and I'd like to compare notes! (Especially if the building I'm standing next to is about to fall on my head.)

The Judeo-Christian creation story says that man is created in God's own image -- I believe this means that mankind as a whole - all of us together - that's God's image. God is light, and we are the colors of the spectrum. The more colors there are together, the more of light illuminates us. And blue makes something different with yellow than it does with red -- we need each other.

That's how I see it, and that's why I'm just going to barrel ahead -- serious omission right at the starting gate notwithstanding.

I'm blue,
Who are you?
Red, you say?

Come together,
And the two of us shall be
What is joined
And blended into
Light's own
Color harmony.

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