There is a disadvantage to returning to student status as an adult in midlife. This disadvantage is one of perspective - and habits of duty and sacrifice and responsibilities and such. This term, I am supposed to be writing for more PLA credits, and I am taking a class online, and what I really really really want to be doing is obsessing about the online course. I want everyone else to go away and leave me alone. I want to read. I want to think. I want the bell to ring so that everyone else goes to do their own things in their own classes and lets me think!

Instead, I have duties at church an hour away, and duties at home in laundry room and bathroom and kitchen, and besides ...

If you take an online course with other grownups, nobody else has time to obsess either. sigh ...

And how do you pronounce Sjuzhet (also syuzhet, sju┼żet or suzet) anyway? I strongly suspect the online speaker is just reading it phonetically and has no idea what she's saying. I need a Russian.

(click on the image and you'll find it in a mousepad - be sure to read it - it made me laugh out loud just now)

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