As a couple

Today is Good Friday - God's Friday. This is the first Triduum and Easter of the rest of our lives. In our house, the only people who come and go this Lent and Holy Week, the only people getting into the car on Easter morning's wee sma' hours (to be there for the 5:00 Vigil) are us two. This year it is The Great Husband, and me. This year we wake early for our hours of The Watch ("Could you not watch with me one hour?"), and we turn on lights and talk out loud and have a cup of tea before we leave the house. This year is the first year of observances done for us alone - not for an example or habit-forming or opportunities for the children. This year it's just us two.

Not as early this year (no need to return home before the children wake up), and we will have to start to factor in the morning traffic if we travel in the light. Not as tired either, oddly enough. As busy as ever, but easily moving in and out of each other's schedules and responsibilities. The dance we do at this season is different from the Christmas dance or the summertime Haying dance ... or the daily routines. This is a slow and steady pulse that leads to tonight's Crucifixion and Sunday's Resurrection. We know where we are going because we went there many times with our children. This year, we have time to talk about it on the way.

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