Still in love

If I lived in a different era or a different part of the world, I might be wondering where my next meal was coming from, or whether or not I would live to see another day by avoiding the violence. I might be wondering what it would be like to get a university education, or even to read at all - because I am a woman. But as it is, I live in a land of privilege, in an era of possibility, and in the enjoyment of time and health enough to pretty much choose my way in the world. I have enough sense to be grateful for it.I am, apparently, also built "sassy as can be," like the bride of Adam in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. I always figure that if I can think of a question, that there must be an answer, you know? If a situation presents itself ... like "seven slummocky backwoodsmen" and the fact that they've got no manners, then there must be a way to handle things. First, you turn over the table, and tell them that if they're going to act like hogs, then they can eat like hogs. And the next morning, you steal their clothes to wash them before those guys can even wake up. Even slummocky backwoodsmen eat more politely if they're trying to keep blankets wrapped arount their naked bodies at the same time. Solve the dilemma, and the brothers get brides, right? They learn to dance.Well, at the moment, other people are not making me all feisty and determined. At the moment, the elements of my own life are making me crazy. Once again, I have misplaced important bits of information. Once again, I drove to the campus and had a helpful appointment with an amazing instructor, and once again I wrote down stuff I need to know, and once again I lost it! How on earth does this happen? The reams and piles and heaps and stacks of paper in my life are worse than seven times seven slummocky backwoodsmen! They simply will not behave in a rational manner.

The thing is, though, I'm in love ... and when you're in love, when you're really in love ... you get on with it. So, sans essential Notes To Self, I am getting on with it. This quarter, two weeks behind because --- well, just because, I am finally ready to get to the next set of PLA essays. This time it will be:

1. SP 105: Listening
1st draft: 4/20 submit for credit: 4/27
4 l.d. credits from PCC’s course to replace the planned 3 u.d. M.U. Effective
Listening course

2. SP 111: Public Speaking
first draft: 5/4 submit for credit: 5/11
4 l.d. credits from PCC’s course to replace the planned 3 u.d. M.U. Public
Presentations course

3. SP 227: Non-verbal Communication
first draft: 5/18 submit for credit: 5/25
4 l.d. credits from PCC’s course to replace the planned 3 u.d. M.U. Non-verbal
Communication course

4. ILS 300: Literature for Children
first draft: 6/1 submit for credit: 6/8
This course is for four upper division credits – perhaps consider writing for fewer
credits or for lower division?

See that? That's what my instructor helped me with last week on the ditzy day when I lost all the notes I took during our conference. Instead of a mere 9 or 12 credits this quarter, PLA writing is set up to deliver 15 or 16 credits, and that's in addition to the online (3 credit) Lit course and the on campus (1 credit) course this quarter. When you write for PLA, you really rack 'em up. If you can remember what you're supposed to be doing. And hang on to your Notes To Self. And budget your time. And stop writing for goofing off at your blog and get back to your Lit text so you can do your assignment. Which is due today. (bye!)

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