I'd like to order a Keeper

Seriously. I need a Keeper. On this morning of fog and drizzle, the damp before the warmth and sun, on this morning which is a prelude to another round of PLA writing and online Lit course, on this morning which is a Friday in a calm and cheerful week (mostly - there is the issue of the son-in-law deployed this week) ... on this morning I rose to see The Great Husband off to work, make my coffee, and eat my yogurt.

And I opened the container of Trader Joe's Greek yogurt - fig today because I ate all the honey yogurt.

But the plastic seal was missing, and the yogurt was partially gone already.

Uh ...

"Did you eat some of this?"

"No. I figured you did. I don't eat partial containers of yogurt."

But I cannot remember. Honestly and truly, I do not know if I was the eater of the yogurt. And if I did not eat it, then I brought it home from the store that way. (eeew!) And if I did eat it, why can't I remember that?

No yogurt for me this morning.

No brain either.

I need a Keeper.

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