Somebody give him a medal!

Ladies and gentlemen, I LOVE MY HUSBAND! The Great Husband has done it again. He returned home from work this evening to find a nearly hysterical wife who knew full well that yes, she had saved her work. Repeatedly, thank you very much. But that document is supposed to be eleven pages long, and not four. Look. Here's a printed sheet of paper. See? It's from a later version than the four-pager you're looking at. Where IS it???

(this went on for awhile - me lamenting like a crazy woman, him clicking keys and hunting through drop down menus)

And he FOUND it! I'd saved an academic journal article I am using as a reference, and apparently while saving that, I'd opened a "temporary" file folder, and my longer document - my first PLA essay of the quarter - was in there.

Now I don't have to collapse - or ... I don't have to stay collapsed.

I am nearly recovered.

Time to write.

And think of some really good way to thank The Great Husband.

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