Oh wow! I don't have time today to peruse, giggle, or dance, but when I get a few minutes, this is where I will be going to do it! From the blog of author/illustrator Patricia Storms, called BookLust, I found out about the blog of author/illustrator Tara Lazar, called Tara Lazar: Writing for Kids While Raising Them. (Tara interviews Patricia here.) I feel precisely as if I have just entered the most amazing chocolaterie and have begun to anticipate a few choice choices in here. YUM!


taralazar said...

Wow! Thanks for the chocolate-dipped recommendation! I feel as plump and sweet as a strawberry! (And did you happen to know that CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY is my favorite book?)

Hope to see you around!

taralazar said...

Oh, and I should probably clarify: I'm not an author-illustrator...just a humble aspiring children's writer!