Really good story - and jazz!

"Tell me a story .... pleeeease?"

These days I'm insatiable, and the stories I want to hear are the ones about soldiers who come home and have lives that benefit from their time in the military,

and the stories about people who make a living with a combination of things they do at home, on their own land, in their own homes, and do it as a second career (but it's a bit late for "second" around here ... twenty-second, maybe ...),

and the stories about women in universities, women who've joined the chorus with their own voices and done something significant - after the age of 50,

and the ones about really inventive young parents and young adults who figure out oddball ways to make things work in ways no one else ever figured out,

and the ones about up and coming artists, composers, film makers ... (although, I gotta say, I'm a bit worried about that film maker one -- my Young Giant could go hungry for a lot of years going down that path -- but he'd be okay. I know he'd be okay. He'd be good at it too. (oh.) I just figured it out. I think I might be worried that I would not be able to figure out what he's doing. Yes. Well. Been there, and I know I'd be okay too. So ... where was I?)

and the stories about musicians. New musicians. Talented musicians. Musicians from HERE who do all kinds of stuff! Got a good one today. This musician is sooooo "Portland" - and then she went to Berklee in Boston, and that's what my Young Giant wants to do, and this is a verrrrry good story indeed. Click here to go to the NPR interview and story, and click on the picture to go to Esperanza's own gorgeous and exuberant (bilingual!) site. This up and coming generation just makes me so danged HAPPY!!!

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