Three! Three! Three sons in one!

Over at photographer Doug's blog, there appeared this picture of this son we're so proud of. He's the baby. The youngest. The most easy-going, it's all good, roll with the punches of the three offspring. The bearded young giant with the funkiest beard.

He's kinda cute, idn he?

Then, there was also this picture of the version of this son who scares me a little bit with the intensity of his talent, his focus, and his drive. It takes my breath away sometimes that sunshiny Steve has turned into such a force of nature.

And then there's THIS guy.
HOW many tattoos are there on this arm???

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Douglas Bienert said...

I tell you, I'm still willing to defend my position that I photoshoped the other two in... until you corner me in the Parish Hall kitchen and raise your eyebrow and give me that look.

I have only finished the prologue of CRAZY for GOD and I fear I'll be hooked! I may not get out of the coffee shop for hours today!