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Do you ever play Spider Solitaire on your computer? I would not want to see the total number of games I've played - but the number of hours that many games would represent are almost all Thinking Hours. It's a kind of mental white noise - often I'm not zoned out. Honest.

If I lose too many games, I clear all statistics and start the average over.

Game --- Statistics --- Reset --- "Are you sure you want to reset all game statistics?"


2008 is supposed to be the year of writing and sending out A Submission a Month. I did it in January. But I missed February. Today I reset all statistics. I sent in some of my work to a contest. For the year, the stats are 66.6%. For March, it's a 100% -- now that I reset all statistics.

Addendum: This does not mean blogging once a month -- it means sending things out to publishers and contests and things. Just so we're clear.

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