Finally FAFSA'd!

Long long ago, in a galaxy far far away, I said, "First you fafsa." Fourteen months ago, I was talking about this. More than a whole year, for cryin out loud.

Well, it's finally happened. Off went the forms. It's possible that by next September, the older bearded young giant will be in Olympia at school, the younger bearded young giant will be at Mt. Hood Community College (he just called and asked about getting in early because he hates not being there yet - hates working because it's not working on music), and I'll be online, or doing testing for credits, or at the community college as well, because I want that degree from Marylhurst. And now - finally! - it looks like I might be on my way. If I were 30 years younger, I'd be packing my suitcases just to see how I could fit things into them. Practice packing.

THIS looks like BLISS to me. It really does.

A minimum of 180 total quarter credits
60 credits required for major
Human Sciences Seminar 3 crs.
History & Philosophy of the Human Sciences
Integrative Foundation Colloquia / Core Courses 23 crs.
Human Studies Perspectives
Relationship with the Self
Relationship with Others
Relationship with the Environment
Relationship with the Transcendent
Humans Being: Developing a Perspective
Required Topics 9 crs.
Choose three of the following:
Topic 1: Learning
Topic 2: Development
Topic 3: Systems
Topic 4: Methods
Internship or Research Project 3 crs.
Related Electives 22 crs.
Choose from an array of subjects to design a program to match your specific needs, interests or past experience.

Here I come, Big Ideas. Get ready, brain. Still don't know how we're going to pay for this ... but first, you FAFSA. So I'm about to find out.

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Polly said...

Ugh! We've done the FAFSA umpteen times this week. Our pin number doesn't work/the form shows our income under Caleb's name/try pin number again/apply for new pin number/i've tried too many times - must now be verified by the SSA/type it all in only to start over/and on and on. And I"m fairly smart - how do the dumb people do this!