A telling moment

People have "tells" when they gamble at cards, and people have tells when they're playing the hand they've been dealt in life. It is quite fascinating to me to watch my developing adults - the ones who were once my children - and to see what it is that's strong enough to make them organize their lives around it.

This morning, the older young giant was out of bed earlier than usual - and last night, he wasn't the last one to turn out his light and go to sleep. The reason for this cataclysmic shift in lifestyle was a chance to go to a regularly scheduled figure drawing session. You just take your sketching stuff, plop down your per session fee, and you have a whole morning to sit and draw the model of the day. His old art teacher told him about this, and this is the second weekend in a row now. Hmmm.... the kid might be right. Art might be the thing that's calling him after all. It's mighty powerful stuff if it gets him up and showered before the rest of us are out of bed! But don't tell him I said so. I don't want him to catch me watching.

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