Hans Memling's vision of the vision

I'd never seen this piece before today. It's Hans Memling's portrayal of the visions of St. John on the Isle of Patmos while he was writing the Book of the Revelation. I find it stunning - it's so fantastically surreal and yet utterly inviting. If I'm ever in Brugge, I will go and see this one in person. This full version is what I saw first. I have daily doses of Art as one of the things on my iGoogle and this is what came in this morning.

So I did a little searching. In Brugge, there is a "Memling Museum, housed in the former Hospital of Saint John. The hospital functioned from the 13th century onwards, and much of the museum's collection is devoted to illustrating its history." There, I found some detail close-ups. Here's the mystic St. John in the lower part.

See the white and then the orangey red horse? That's the horse at the lower part of this close-up.
In my imagination, when I think of St. John or of the prophets, I see it like Memling did. All the images are piled in there, but they make sense. There are images and scenes and elements of story within and beside and among each other like this. Fascinating.

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