Easter Monday

1. Husband arises, eats accustomed breakfast, finds what he can find for a "lunch" of some sort, and exits very near his accustomed time for his accustomed job.

2. Wife still in robe and jammies, albeit clean ones now. Proof of impending better health: more time in the computer chair each time attempted.

3. Uncle/brother up early enough to go to the store for candy and a box of ("fresh") donuts from the store, which donuts made youngest bearded giant finally extract himself from the sleeping bag on the living room floor. This was followed by the sounds of John Mayer and the splashing of the shower from the bathroom. Shower sounds with music sounds is the sure and certain proof that Steve's home.

4. Slightly taller, more bearded young giant now also awake and eating pumpkin pie for breakfast "because otherwise the terrorists win."

Yeah ... life's back to normal.

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Polly said...

Happy Easter - glad you are feeling better.