Are you my future?

Do you know this book? It was a favorite of mine as a child, and I think it was a favorite of my children too ... there's a line in it. When the baby bird finds a huge digger machine, and asks his baby bird question, "Are you my mother?" the machine answers by blowing a huge blast of smoke out the smoke stack. It says, "SNORT!" And the baby bird says (rather horrified, if you can go by the look on his baby bird face), "You are not my mother! You are a Snort!"

For about two years now, I've been saying to this and that and the other plan, "Are you my future?" A lot of times I've ended up the exchange with some version of, "You are not my future! You are a Snort!"

Today, though, I think I hear her voice.

Today I got this in my email.
Hi Stephanie:
Welcome back to Marylhurst! You are an admitted student, so your next
step is to contact your academic advisor.

I see that you would like to change your major to Human Studies. How
much coursework you can complete online depends on a number of factors.
How many credits are you transferring to your current degree? Which
courses will you transfer from MT. Hood? Don't worry! Your academic
advisor can help you answer these questions.
There's more to it, of course ... but just the start of this little helpful note is enough to make my head come up and my ears turn toward the sound. I think it's her! My future's calling me! Can you hear that? I think I hear something.

And I heard from the library too. More sub hours coming my way.

Funny phrase ... I'm an "admitted student." I'm admitted writer ... admittedly, I'm a wife and mother ... I admit to being a teacher ... I admit as well to a lack of discipline in matters of housework ... now the charming young woman in the Admissions Office declares another admission. Now I'm an admitted student.

Are you my future?

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