I love Lent ... really ... no, seriously ... I mean it

I love being a parent. I always loved it. Even in the middle of the night when babies wake up. Honest.

And I love Lent. No - I do - really. Even in the middle of the thing, when the one thing I'm looking for is rest, and the thousand things that still need to be done aren't going to wait.

I chose parenthood.

And I choose Lent.

And if someone figures out how to make MORE hours in a day ... no wait. I don't need more hours in each day. I need two or three extra days each week for the next couple of weeks. Well, if you figure out how to make that happen, tell me.

I choose Lent.

And I choose to be who I am in the progression of duties at our parish. This is a choice. (Self, are you listening to you?)

There is now the day when I am as likely to ask my girl soldier and the two young giants for help and support in the clinch as they are to ask me. That day is here. And there will come a day when my activities and duties and participations in parish life will be passed to a new generation. In the meantime, all I need to do is remember to keep in practice. Take rest when I can get it. Find peace and go in when the door is open. One day I'll stay in that place, where there is peace and prayer. But that day's not today. Today I have work to do. Today I have to pray with my hands.

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Douglas Bienert said...

I am SO making you an over sized, white, 80's Wham! t-shirt that says: