Photographer Doug is a Hero!

THANK YOU, Douglas!!

He took some pictures at the Vigil on Easter morning (it starts at 5 am) and they're absolutely pictures of what it feels like to be there! Douglas, I could just hug you! What do you want? Cookies? Wine? Beah? You name it. WOW, what good pictures! The first picture (above) is the striking of the New Fire. It's the first thing that happens at the service. Wait - no, they're doing something with the thurible. Hm. Oh! He's lighting the coals for the incense so he can cense the candle - it must be lit already. Then the fire is brought into the Nave of the church on the Pascal Candle, and given to us on our little candles, and it spreads through the church. With each few steps, the priest sings out, "the light of Christ," and the people genuflect and respond, "thanks be to God."

Oh, thank you thank you thank you, Douglas. I can hear it! Finally! It feels like Easter for me now. On Sunday afternoon, when our brother/Uncle Mark/Fr. Lillegard got here, I suggested that since I'd missed the whole thing, we'd have to do it over again. I didn't know whether the man was going to burst into tears or wring my neck there for a moment, but the answer was no. We're not having a do-over.And now I've got a picture of the taller, older bearded young giant. That's him there, holding one of the candles so that the Curate, Fr. Scott Herb, can sing the Exultet. The other acolyte in the picture is my other son's best friend, Bryan. (Anybody else see that it looks like the bearded young giant is wearing a clerical collar? Don't tell him.)

The rest are at his site, here: Doug's Blog

Yay, Douglas!!!

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