Brilliant! Turkey dung can heat your home

Thursday, May 24, 2007
Poultry Power: Plant in Minnesota is on track to begin operations in June

BENSON, Minn. The sandy mix of turkey droppings and other bits and pieces flowing through Greg Langmo’s fingers back onto the floor of his barn is more than just funky dirt - it is fuel.

With 16,000 hens gobbling around him, Langmo is standing on a 15-inch layer of turkey litter - about 750 tons of the stuff - that represents a new source of energy.

It will help fuel a $200 million power plant scheduled to begin full-scale operation next month. The 55-megawatt Fibrominn LLC plant will be the first poultry power plant fired by poultry litter in the United States, tapping a novel source of renewable energy to produce enough power for 50,000 homes.


Carol Whipps said...

Steph, when I come to visit you, will you be sure to point out the turkey dung so I don't step in it?

Stephanie said...

Note to Carol:

WE don't have any turkeys ...! That's in Minnesota! We have a cow. And you won't need any pointing to be able to see the places where not to step.