ABC news needs to get out more - just my own opinion, of course

Meet the New Millennials
They're Young, Cool and Not Keen to Get to Work Before 10 a.m.

That's what ABC thinks, anyway. I must beg to disagree with the conclusions, though. I have great hope for the future when I look at the "kids" coming into adulthood today. Here's why.

1. People who moan about the inadequacies and mindlessness of an incoming generation are always OLD. They are attached to old ways - old thinking - old solutions - old paradigms. New is bad for these people simply because it means that they no longer know what's going on and can't control it.

2. The peers of my children seem to fall into categories more clearly than our generation did. We had a lot of structure that the people before us invested in -- we rebelled at the parts we were asked to play, but we saw parts. The new adults of this world do not have that - and they are choosing their own parts. There are more clear strivers and more clear slackers. And they know who each other is.

3. Because so many of our generation dropped the ball when it came to paying attention to their families (having ourselves grown up with "as long as you're happy, dear" being one of our accepted family values), today's new adults are oddly competent in many cases. They have had to be. Somebody's gotta make dinner.

4. The creativity bubbling up in the arts is a great heaping pile of evidence that these kids have stormingly large imaginations. Formidable. Stunning.

5. More than ever before, there is less and less patience for what we here in this house call "moooo." The herd is full of mavericks who won't wear suits if they don't really need to.

My husband and I look around, and we are GLAD that the upcoming generation will be in charge one day. We think they'll be better at it than we ever could be. Hail the Revolution. It's not being televised.

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