Like, for instance, you might've overlooked a blizzard. Doesn't really seem possible to overlook a blizzard, but I've done it. And "blizzard" is not the name of the cat. For the first time I have ever heard of, they closed WA State Hwy 14, up the Washington side of the Columbia Gorge. Interstate 84 on the Oregon side is also closed between us and Portland. We're socked in for real, and guess what? I have not done my Christmas food shopping, nor picked up some presents we still wanted to get. I have the house all spiffed up and ready. But no sons in sight, and no larder full of festival food, and good golly, it's cold!

We were supposed to be adding the people back in, starting today. The last to leave the first to return -- taller bearded giant, then not-as-tall not-as-bearded giant, then the gor-baby and her husband by Christmas Eve. But today's blocked roads are also blocked train travel, so taller bearded giant is stuck at school. Today is Sunday. Wednesday is Christmas Eve. Come, warm southern winds! I need to go to the store!

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