O Christbook Tree, and snow on snow

Like it? It's from a great little blog I found called BookLust.

Today is Christmas Eve.

Good news: Portland is starting to get enough warm air to scour out the unprecedented pile of snowy weather.
Bad news: The Columbia Gorge is where the resistant cold weather is coming from, making certain areas of Portland slow to thaw. The Columbia Gorge is where I live.

Good news: The boys who are both men are both home.
I'm-not-sure-what-kind-of-news: The boys are both home in a snowstorm (probably another 6 or 8 inches by noon, the way it's coming down at the moment), and they brought their instruments.

Good news: We got the phone call in time, and the husband has been successfully stopped from heading into the worse and worse weather to work in Hood River today.
Bad news: Worse and worse weather.

Good news: Man, oh man, did I ever buy groceries yesterday.
Bad news: Christmas shopping was a nearly nonexistent activity this year.

Good news: The husband is already at the bottom of the driveway so that he could snowshoe over to his mother's to put pellets in her furnace, and since he doesn't have to go to work, he can go to the grocery store and get something special for breakfast and then come home and stay here.
Bad news: There is no way -- really actually no way -- the daughter and the son-in-law can make it up here before they have to head back to Ft. Lewis after Christmas leave.

Good news: I was in Portland to help decorate the inside of the church yesterday, and the organist practiced, and the greens were hung, and the tall new creamy white candles put into their candle stands, and the nativity set arranged ... I was out of here and inside the bricks and music and greens and icons for long enough that Christmas became real for me yesterday.

Good news: I sent the army kids their cute little thyme "tree" by way of a florist earlier this week. (Hope they got it!)

Good news: We do own snowshoes. Never thought they'd be anything but recreational, but this year they are essential.

Good news: Both sons did themselves proud this quarter. Amazingly so. The man at the "hippy school" taking multi-disciplinary courses got all "full credit" and all "positive evaluations." (This translates to straight A's, but he's "not bound by conventions like grades and letters and other such trappings of the establishment." There was more to that hilarious goofiness in the car on the way home last night, but that's the jist of it.) And the man at the music school carried fifteen hours, worked for a living, moved twice (to get out of rent he couldn't afford, and then out of a very bad situation), paid his bills, is not now nor ever will be one of God's little naturally academic types, and still managed a 3.0 GPA. I am so damn proud of him! Of them both.

All in all, the good news outweighs the bad, I'd say. All healthy. All safe. All at sixes and sevens because of the "deepest snow on record for the month of December," but it's okay. We've food and candles and bearded giants in the bedrooms. I can live with this -- and smile.

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