I amuse me

Okay, I just think this is funny. This is the kind of funny that makes my children roll their eyes, but I think it's funny. This first book is one I'll need for the course in January. It's called Opening Up: The Healing Power of Expressing Emotions. It's about the connection between brain and immune function, and the ability to find words for events we experience. (yay! Very cool. It's so nice of researchers to do all this work so I can say, See? I told you it worked that way!)

Here's an excerpt:
The second group of people for whom this book is written is made up of individuals interested in the mind, the body, and psychosomatics. Growing evidence suggests that translating events into language can effect the brain and immune function.
Then there's this. I checked it out from the library because I'm currently very fascinated with working with felted wool. This book is called ...


How We Felt.

HAHAHAHAHAHA! ("How We Felt" .... !) hahahahaa! Oh, c'mon. That's funny. Yes it is!

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OK. I smirked and snorted..