I need some good paper!

Aren't these pretty? They're made of folded strips of paper.

I am itching to make chains of them and string them around for the month of December.

For directions, go here.

Or ... follow this cool video I just found!

The comments at YouTube include: "When I was in grade school, our teacher showed us how to make these, but I never really learned, she did it for us. After completion the teacher dipped them in melted colored wax,which made them sturdy. After completion we took them home as Christmas Tree Ornaments."

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Marchi Wierson said...

don't wait for good paper. you can't live your life waiting for good paper. sometimes good paper never shows up. I know this from experience. you have to live with the paper you have and make it as lovely as it is able to be and as you are able to see it. Use anything. Don't wait for the right paper. Be the person you imagine yourself to be when the good paper shows up! Live as if the paper you have is the paper that is best for you. Make those stars cousin. Make them and eat cookies.