I see

While recovering from the week's virus, I have been soaking in Inside the Actors Studio, and I have just this moment gotten a very clear glimpse of my own personal fire in the belly. Art is not what I want to study, although Art fascinates me. Art Therapy? Also fascinating. Art History? Film? Visual Arts? Musical Arts? Yes ... and all of the above, but no .... not really any of those ... it's ... um ... It's Domestic Arts and sociological phenomenon ... I need some film classes and some art history classes ... To watch the artists on Inside the Actor's Studio is to watch the personal creativity - the creation of ------- (gasp!)

CLANG! That's it!

That's the beginning of it. That's the unity of it.

The Art is a thing of beauty. It takes my breath away. All Art does that to me. But the tears come and the fire is lit and the glow and the heat begin at the center of me, just behind my navel, and spread to my breastbone and the backs of my hands when I watch the Artists.

What is the first thing we know about God? "In the beginning, God created." That's the first and defining thing about God that we, His image, can know. We create. He creates. He created. We create.
To watch the human Artist is to see the finger of God.

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