Enough communication

This is a great story! It warms the cockles of my heart. (What are cockles, anyway?)

These two guys - they've been exchanging the same Christmas card for 60 years. No, not the same kind of card ... the same card. Back and forth, back and forth, one year the first guy sends it, the next year the other guy sends it back.
"We've been sending it since 1948," Hebel said. "I gave it to him the first year. ... So he turned around and gave it back to me the next year. I felt like, how come he couldn't give me a new one instead of sending an old one back? So I kept it, and I gave it back the next year. That's how it started.

I wonder what the card looks like. -- But what I love about this story is their absolute non-need for anything else. It is enough. And they know the value of what they're doing. They keep the card "in a plastic thing" and they've started using certified mail. But there is no more than the card with its signatures and dates. It is enough.

Knowing what is enough. Recognizing it when we see it. These two guys are brilliant.

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