Summer of 1983

See these two kids? They'd just decided they were meant for each other. They're at Carol and Kathy's apartment, and they're perfectly happy to just be happy. All the time. Really. All the time. Annoying, actually. But they didn't even care.That was in January of 1982.

A few months later, they looked like this: I think - not sure - but I think the proposal had been officially accepted by this time. That's from the summer of '82, and it was taken by heaven-only-knows-who somewhere in the Gorge, on one of our many, many, many drives through the old highway and waterfall area. The thing that makes this day different is the fact that it wasn't raining. We used to joke that all we had to do to make it rain was get into the car.

By the next summer, we'd known for a year and a half that we wanted to be married. We were very very ready to be done with it and start our life together. A few weeks before the wedding, we took pictures to choose from for the newspaper. I liked this one a lot,
but we needed a head shot. I think this is the one we chose. Over the years, people have asked where the smile was. There was a smile - there were lots of smiles. But for us, mostly there were emotions and thoughts that had nothing to do with grinning like Cheshire cats. There is a happiness that goes very deep indeed. That was the kind we had. That is the kind we have, actually.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful couple who made a beautiful life together.

Polly said...

I SO enjoyed this post!