I always want to know

Whenever someone says, "this works," I always want to know

Why does it work?

What is true about this? Where is the connection?

Why does it work here? Will it work somewhere else? What, in this, is universal?

Really, I do not take credit for this train of thought. I don't. It's just the way my brain connects things to other things and makes a perspective about Reality. But I know it's merely a perspective. So that's why I always want to know

What are you looking at?

What do you see?

Those are not the same question - they are two questions. You may be looking at the same thing I observe, and we may see two things, entirely different - or we two may see three or ten or a hundred things.

Usually, though, what we see is there. Somehow, it is there.

And if, through age or experience or just plain old exhaustion, I lose the ability to stand where you stand, and see - at least a little - what you see

If I become unwilling or unable to shift a bit to one side or the other, or to squint in the light just so, and find your focus and trace at least the outline of your vision,

I will know that I am dead.

Until then, until the day I say to you, "I cannot see it. It is not there," if you tell me there's a boat, there's a boat. Show me.

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