Early me


So ... it's not like we partied. I didn't even finish my one glass of mesmerizing Rusty Grape Pinot - honestly, it tasted amazing - but it doesn't take much for me. We took a nice long time over dinner. Flatbread with roasted tomato and asparagus appetizer, which we split, followed by salad and soup (he had the salad, but we shared a bit), followed by a perfect steak with bleu cheese and roasted vegetables, which we split, followed by dessert, which we split, and coffee. Perfect.

So why am I up at 5:00 in the morning. One mostly finished glass of wine and one coffee is not enough to mess with sleep cycles. This is silly. Why am I awake???

Oooohhh..... hm. Yes. It's coming to me now. I have one day to get everything ready for class. Today is that day. Yes. Yawning, but very awake. Good heavens, you'd think I must have a final paper or at least a test or something. In reality, this whole school adventure is going swimmingly. And I love it. But there's something about being a student that messes with the mind. The part of me having a good time is looking forward to getting ready. The part of me with experience in missed assignments or forgotten schedules must be the part that wakes me up at this ridiculous hour. Maybe that's why middle aged students get that glazed look. It's sleep deprivation.

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