Latin help please?

Willa, are you reading this? Any other Latin people out there? My recalcitrant husband is saying things like, "dictionary across the road," and "so, learn Latin," and "every well-educated person ought to know."

But I don't want to go over there and get the dictionary, and it wouldn't make enough sense to me anyway. Here's what I need to know. Have I got the cases right on this?

Ab ovo,
Trans media res, (should that be "trans medias res"?)
Ad finem.

Is this the translation?

From the beginning (literally from the egg),
Through the middle of things,
To the end.


Anonymous said...

yes--from start to finish--although i'm not sure how "trans media res" would enhance the meaning--maybe an emphasis on the process involved

Willa said...

I would translate it about the same way you did.

Are you composing the Latin?

I think "trans" means something closer to "across" than "through" -- "per" means "through". list of prepositions and corresponding cases. But maybe "through" would express it better in English.

Curious, and hoping this will help, Stephanie -- I am no Latin scholar.

Stephanie said...

Thanks, both of you! That helps. Yes, it's about the process - so trans isn't really the right idea, I see. It's not so much about traveling through it as being in it until you get out at the other end. I want it to say something about being in contact with the process - not being an "accidental" writer (like an "accidental tourist.")

What I'm trying to do is find a sort of writer's "motto" - it should mean that you start with the beginning of the process (the egg), go through (not around or avoiding) the middle of the process, and you proceed toward the end until you get there and that's when you stop.

So ... From the beginning, through the middle, to the end.

Ab ovo,
Per media res,
Ad finem.

Would that be right, then?