It would be for Michael

It's pretty normal to crush on people ... just in general ... y'know? Like, my daughter is 24 years younger than I am, but both of us would go home any day with Sean Connery or Denzel Washington. And Sean Connery's old enough to be MY father! So - I'm just sayin - it's a kind of universal thing to crush on people, and it doesn't have much connection to reality, right?

And my husband - he does it too. If we ever went to a party where Helena Bonham Carter was one of the guests, I'd have to keep an eye on him. I don't think he'd go home with her ... I have a lot of faith - in laws about stalkers - and the caution of famous people - and my ability to watch two things at once while having a conversation.

But now... well, it's been brewing for awhile. But now - this Saturday morning shadow impromptu video of Michael Ruhlman doing his cookery magic? In his adorable Michael Ruhlman way? And edited with his perfectly dry editorial comments on top of the video? Oh, yeah. His wife is younger and cuter than I am - otherwise, she might have a real problem. If I ever left my husband ...

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