Powell's today.

Two things to bring home with me.

One is a book of poetry and one is a poem of a book. Neruda, quite simply, makes me swoon. My Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies teacher, the incomparable Simeon Dreyfuss, used one of Neruda's poems in our course, and my love affair with the poet began. I'm seriously considering learning Spanish so that I don't have to read him in translation.

The other - Kristeva - is a book I have checked out from the library and realize I need to own. I found her by way of my Creative Nonfiction teacher, the incomparable Perrin Kerns, when I was having my end of the quarter personal conference with her. "What you're saying sounds like Julia Kristeva's "Stabat Mater." Have you ever seen it?" I went to the library on the way to my car, and brought it home with me. The whole volume is something I must have here with me every day.

In Perrin's office, the books are double-deep in the shelves. She's a lit and writing teacher, after all. I laughed when I saw those shelves. The school year is ended, but the learning is not. My interior shelves are starting to be double-deep with some very wondrous things.

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