A dangerous day for writing

The time is 8:24 a.m. The day is a Monday after a Sunday in which I spent my time "at church" not actually in the service, but trying not to pass out, resting in an office. Some sort of exhaustion caught up with me - trying to figure out if it was too much input, too much output ... unable to stop my whirling brain from figuring things out. Everything hurts. Nothing is working very well.

Not yet 9 in the morning, and I've sent a few messages - complete with about twice as many typos. Message sent late yesterday - looked at it - saw the nearly drunk-sounding meter of the words. Wow. Really really tired. This would be a bad day to write anything important.

But there's no other way to sort the brain waves and get the whirling to calm down. It's a paper journal and ball point pen sort of day. Writing necessary to sanity and recovery. Writing without typos impossible. (Corrected about thirty so far in this message alone. Thank you, God, for spell check)

And I wonder what the effect would be of having the sun actually come out from behind the clouds. As a rule, I'm not in favor of such drastic measures. But criminy! It's supposed to be summer today, and it's making a poor showing of being spring. (I bet we're going to have a hinges of Hades sort of August this year.)

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