For real.

I actually won!

Pioneer Woman's blog is one of my favorites, and I sometimes enter her giveaways at Pioneer Woman Cooks, and I did enter this time, and I won, I tell you! I really won!

The proof is here.

I'm LittlefarmLady.


I WON!!!


Kathryn said...

Congrats! Your comment on C.S. Lewis caught my interest, so i went & found you & here i am! How exciting for you to win. :)

I actually got tired of trying to win her mixers & bought one with Christmas money a few months back. I'd like to get some of the gadgets to attach to it, but they are as expensive as the mixer!

Anyway, congratulations. Hope you enjoy it. :)

(P.S. - are you Anglican? I am, although there isn't an Anglican church where we live now. We had been trying the Lutheran, but it hasn't worked out so well. Don't know where we'll go from here.)

Stephanie said...

Thanks, Kathryn! I've entered a bunch of times for things too - can't believe I actually won!

And yes, I'm Anglican - of the traditionalist sort. (I have an Anglicanism blog. There's a link in the sidebar.)

Thanks for stopping by here!

Jessica said...

I am so happy for you. I know you of all people deserve and will use this puppy for all she's worth. So, when's dinner? (hee-hee)

Laura Lee said...

Congratulations! I, like Kathryn above, looked you up because of your C.S. Lewis/Dorothy Sayers answer. I look forward to getting you know you a bit better through your blog!

Laura Lee Nelson

Stephanie said...

Well, how cool is that, Laura Lee? Welcome! Glad you're here. Thanks for stopping by. (Want a cookie?)