Feet first

Look closely ... see the boots?

The returning group (only a few of the battalion) was behind the curtain, and as music played the curtain lifted. We saw their boots first. A bit cheesy. I mean, they're soldiers - not rock stars. Shouldn't they have been marching or something?

When they finally released the rows of uniforms, we couldn't see her, couldn't see her, couldn't see her. And we're not exactly short, y'know? In fact, we did not see her until she stopped right in front of us (as we peered out into the room and stood on our toes and leaned one way and the other). Suddenly there she was. "Hey." Like she was meeting us for coffee or something.

She gave us the bags that weren't "very heavy" and went to get the heavier bag from the pile. May I just say? Body armor is reeeeeeallly heavy. She could hire herself out as a pack mule now. For long haul packing. She'd been up for forty hours already and when she called (far too bright and far too early) this morning, she said she only slept for four hours last night. Criminy! If a tour in Afghanistan can't wear her out, then I'm officially off the hook as the mom, right? There really was no way to keep up.

(What a relief. It's finally over.)


Melanie Booth said...

Yay! Glad to hear she's home. Safely.

Carol Whipps said...

Awwww, so very glad she's back, safe and sound... Thank you, God!!