Midterm Yawn

So ... we fell back. Yay. An extra hour.

But I think I completely squandered it somehow. Nothing deep or meaningful here today. I can't stop yawning.

Stayed up late on Saturday. Had a reeeeeallly long day on Sunday - which was a good day - All Saints Day on a Sunday this year, capped off by the Oregon Chorale in the evening. It was nice. But it was a lot in one day. And Monday started early and ended late with my Human Studies class, and today I'm absolutely beat. And I don't want to get sick. And I have a lot of writing to do. And I've thought of a good metaphor to explain the condition of this house about a month after I avulsionly fractured my foot (in three places) and acquired my autumn footwear.

My house looks as if it's been carried around for the last month in the bottom of a giant's coat pocket - a sort of woolly coat that tends to harbor lint and things.

What a complainer I am today!

Time to get on with the tasks at hand - namely, the writing of this PLA Children's Lit essay. That's the good news from the Monday marathon that was yesterday. I found a copy of the text I needed for only $5 at Powell's. Today, I get this thing moving. By the end of the week, it needs to be done, done, done. Ready to submit. Injured foot or not, I could use a bit of happy dancing.

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