October wardrobe

So ... lemme see .... what shall I wear this fall? Oh, I know. How about a huge, hulking, black, velcroed-on boot? Not two - that would be excessive. I'll just wear the one. For the whole month of October. Nothing says Autumnal Sartorial Pinache like one hulking black boot, don't you think?

Better than a plaster cast. That's what I'm going with. Better - because I can take showers this way and not end up with sodden plaster.

I'd never even heard of an avulsion fracture before today. But that's what I've got. Three of them. It's when your tendon is too stubborn to tear, and your bones too hard to break, so your tendon pulls a piece of bone OFF! Apparently it's more common in children. And elite athletes. (Stop laughing.)


Jessica said...

Well, we could let the Sunday school kids decorate it with stickers and puff paint!?!?

coffeemom said...

OH, that injury happened to my son. Along w/ a separate fracture of the same knee and an ACL almost tear, a huge stretch. Big surgery to repair the knee, rehab, cast, crutches...its still not the same. Its a very unusual break. And no fun at all.

So sorry! I've had to wear those boots before too, because I'm a clutz and hurt myself all to often.....I've even worn one to a formal (Long black skirt and dark room....what else can you do?).

Here's to swift healing!