These boots are made for walking ... sorta

Yesterday, I bravely hobbled into town (an hour away for a 12 hour day) in my snow shoe boots - Asolos - very old Asolos, which, it turns out, had died. Their soles came off (isn't that what happens when you die? Your soul comes off?) -- so there I was, in town, with a lot of day left, and my boots flapping a loose heel and dropping little piles of black eraser dust from inside of the sole, and I just wanted to cry.

I'm so so so so so tired of wearing heavy things on my feet. I hate it. I can't think with trapped feet, but I can't walk either if my boots are falling apart.

So we went to REI, and bought a pair of REI brand (made by Vasque) boots. These boots. Now both my feet are on the same level (unlike walking in one Velcroed-on removable cast and one hiking shoe), and they're all strapped in, and my footwear is not falling apart more and more with each step. Of course, at this speed, it would take a thousand years to wear out a pair of boots, so they won't be falling apart any time soon. (I feel like I've been thrust into therapeutic shoes after a ballet accident. LORDY, I hate heavy shoes.)

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Jessica said...

Funny you mentioned ballet in this entry. When you were describing having heavy shoes, I immediately thougt of "The red shoes" the ballet story of the girl who put on the red ballet shoes and danced herself to death. I bet near the end, she felt those light satin shoes were very heavy, indeed. Just remember, it's all relative. Soon, you'll be "walking on air", even with shoes on, just because you'll have that danged boot removed. Not much longer. Hang on.