Just like that


Just like that. Mama owl's eyes register surprise.

He calls and says, "I'm coming home right now."

"Oh?" I say. "Where are you?"

He's about a half an hour away. Okay...

So here he is. So, what has he been up to? Still thinking of grad school? What's going on? Oh, he's thinking of staying in Olympia after graduation this spring. Get a job doing something. Wait until the next round of jobs comes up for teaching English overseas.


So ... that was our last bit of kids at home when he left for school last year. Last summer notwithstanding, that was it. It's just us two. Mama Owl and Daddy Owl. All the other owls have flown away.

Remind me.

This is good news, right?

Happy Halloween. He says he's taking his record player and his LP's with him this time. I did not know until just now how much better his heavy shelves full of vinyl made me feel. They're like Elliot Garfield's guitar. He's not gone if they're here. This Christmas one kid will be in Afghanistan. Next Christmas? Will I have one kid in Japan? Or Siberia, learning throat singing and teaching English? My forehead feels very Nutterbuttery and my eyes have gone all Frootloop.


Just like that.

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