What I did today

It's time to go put dinner into the crock pot. The morning has flown by because I was working on these. Tell me what you think!


Jessica said...

Alright, alright, I'm commenting. I like these two. Finally, an organized map showing us where all of those cliches and sayings come from, and why they really do make sense!! One question, and maybe it's a little dumb on my part, but I noticed there's no fifth chakra, um, where's the fifth? It looks really great, GOOD JOB!!

Stephanie said...


Jessica, it is apparently now your job to save my butt absolutely all the time! You're right! Now I'm really glad I posted this stuff - can you imagine? There I'd be, making my presentation, and someone in the class would say, "Where's the fifth chakra?" (geeeeeez!)

Thank you!