Happy. It just makes me happy.

The phone just rang. The Great Husband answered it. On the other end was one of the young giants (one of whom has shaved off his beard! - I'd forgotten what he looked like under there). The two of them have spent the entire day before Thanksgiving outdoors, tramping around in the woods. They popped in in the afternoon, all breathless and windblown, exactly like they would have done at half their current size and age, but then then popped out again. "We're going downtown. We still feel like walking." And off they went.

It's a nice crisp night for it, too. Here's a picture from the live camera downtown tonight. The lights at the top are out on and across the Columbia River in the background.Then The Great Husband came home from work ... got his dinner ... heard all my exciting news of the day ... and as I said, the phone rang. It was one of the young giants, saying, "We're at the Walking Man. We'll walk home after awhile."
That just makes me happy. The fact that the two boys together grew up to be two men together, at the pub together right here in their hometown on Thanksgiving weekend ... it just makes me happy.


Jessica said...

Of course this makes you happy. It makes me happy. Seeing a bond that is forged from birth, remaining strong and friendly. It should make everyone's heart stronger to see love endure in such a way. I dream of this for my own children. Maybe the world would be so much better if everyone worked as hard as you have to give your children love enough to go forward together, as friends in their adulthood. Hmmmmm...

Ted and Lori said...

Our son is in need of a sibling, for reasons like this.