Surprising as it is ...

If you knew me in the olden days, you might now wonder if the aliens captured me and put a different brain in my head. But the fact is that I agree with the things Bill Moyers says on this clip. I agree that there are some Ideals which are legitimate American issues of social justice.

We ought not to have water fountains inaccessible to some racial groups or voting booths inaccessible to women. We ought not to have humans owned by other humans, and we ought not to have some people barred from education. We ought to have liberty and justice for all. "A good business model" is not a good model for families, churches, or medicine, and the profit motive is a pernicious and insidious cancer in places where the care of people's bodies and souls are at stake. A country compassionate enough to send billions of dollars to alleviate suffering around the globe ought to be a country compassionate enough to make sure her own people do not pay for health with bankruptcy.
This gives me lot of hope. Maybe store brand organic products is as good a sign as it seems to be. Maybe the 100-mile Diet challenge is having ripple effects, and maybe it's a good sign that popular cinema includes a movie about the Queen of Good Food at Home, Julia Child. Maybe we're going to figure it out. Maybe soon.

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