Awake at that hour too

Sleeping got difficult again -- long about midnight -- when one bearded young giant had not returned home from his brother's 21st birthday "party" - which party, I was well aware, was most certainly going to include local micro-brews, served at local (walking distance, in the neighborhood) establishments - I knew they weren't driving around. Sleep got fitful. And then ...

Phone rang. Newly minted legal adult - slightly tipsy - spilling over with reassurances - and talking in the giddy voice I haven't heard since he was coming out of anesthesia after his wrist was put back together by a very skilled surgeon. He's the only one around here who gets happy on anesthesia. It's all okay. He didn't want me to worry. They had too much to drink ("but i's a twenty first birthday ... to'lly unnerstannable ... to'lly unnerstannable.") So the larger, older one was spending the night in town. It's okay, mom. We're being very responsible.

You gotta love a kid who's that responsible even when he's had a to'lly unnerstannable celebration. Or, I do, anyway. They weren't completely plowed. They just had a party, that's all. And they knew enough not to be idiots afterwards. But ... I do wonder how the older young giant is feeling right now. He was home at 6:45 this morning to be at work at 7.

And now all my "kids" are legal adults.

We've come a long way, babies.

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barb said...

to'lly unnerstannable :)

You had me smiling and laughing with this post. I know that waiting thing lol. I still have two left (but one is oh so close to that mark). I've been doing lots of thinking and posting about having Big kids instead of littles.I LOVED that he called mom so she wouldn't worry! :)