Another one!

Back in December, I wondered on this blog where I might find a Trina Schart Hyman card I remembered with as much affection as I remembered the book Stuck With Luck. And Dianne had one of these cards! She sent it to me. I love it.Well, now another piece of fond memory has magicked itself into my hands. A few weeks ago, I wondered about another book, while I was at work at the library. Some of the other employees there are as nuts about good kids' books as I am, and I was just sure I could describe this book enough to get someone to say, "Oh, yeah. I remember that book. I think it was called ...." But no. I couldn't describe it well enough because all I could remember was how I felt about it when I was a kid. It was a Weekly Reader Book Club book. That much I was sure of. Something about a witch and a cat. It was about the cat somehow. Dang. No other shreds of memory.

And then this week, we opened a box of donations for the Friends of the Library's ongoing book sale. I saw this, with a smaller book on top of it. "That's the book!" I knew it from its back cover! Unbelievable. It couldn't be. Could it? So I turned it over. That is it. And now I know why I loved it so much. Sizzle is a witch who thinks her life is ruined when one of her witch cats is born yellow. And worse, the cat is a good witch cat. The yellow cat makes Sizzle happy. Terrible news for a witch who sells black cats to bad witches, don't you think? But the stuff that seems like a disaster when it happens can turn out to be the best thing about your life.

So ... let's see ... what wants wondering about next, I wonder?

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