Really good!

Burgerville, our local fast food place ("Fresh. Local. Sustainable."), has started offering a lot more seasonal food, and their idea for seasonal berries in lemonade is really, really good! So far this year, I've had strawberries in lemonade, raspberries in lemonade, and now, yesterday, blackberries in lemonade. I'm telling you, these whole berries and partially crushed berries are absolutely amazing in lemonade!

In fact, last night when I got home, there were still some blackberries in the cup, and I didn't want to waste them. I refilled the cup with my own lemonade, and drank a second serving. Yum, yum, and yum.

The other thing they started doing is to offer the Walla Walla Onion Rings in orders of one, three, and five at a time. These onion rings are huge. Last night I ordered one. One onion ring. Yummy, and not too much to eat. And how ironic -- one of the places that has helped me to eat more seasonally is a fast food joint.

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