Natalie called

What? You don't know Natalie? Well, that's interesting. Neither do I!!

The business line rang. The caller ID was "blocked caller," and I did not pick up. Blocked caller left a message. The message was this.

"This message is for Stephanie. This is Natalie. Please call me at [number - the blocked one, presumably]." Natalie did not say where she was calling from, or what she wanted.

Didn't we have some sort of legal action against this junk? Did it only cover home phone numbers or something? There are several calls a day lately, and they all want to sell us internet listings and services and a bunch of other stuff for which they'd love to record a "yes" from me so that they could say I authorized their charges or services or whatever. One of these intruders actually corrected me for "yelling" as I answered her questions during her barely audible call - and then transferred me to the verification department! (I can freely admit to raising my voice at that point. Few words, though.)

So this message is for Natalie and all her friends. This is Stephanie. Please do not call me at my number. And go find something else more honorable to do with your time.

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