Feeling a bit like a toddler at Christmastime. It's all rather shocking. (That particular toddler, by the way, is this guy.)

Today I got word that my final PLA essay for the quarter came back from the evaluator with all four credits recommended.

And I've just turned in my Lit essay - "Jane Austen's Miniatures" - honed down, spiffed up, edited, proof read, and perfected. (Thanks, Kim!)

But ... um ... that means my quarter's over!! This school year that I wanted so badly for so long - it's already over!

I broke a tooth today too. Somehow that's less surprising than forty credits.


Kim said...

You're welcome! I've got Mansfield Park on my to-do list. I will be reading it this time from a different point of view, thanks to your essay. I'm looking forward to it.

Melanie said...

Congrats on the credits -- and what a cute picture! :-)