Notes at the end of the school year

Hmmmm .... drumming fingers ... furrowing brow ....

One school year into this. Forty credits the richer. And surprised beyond measure that the Lit course turned out to be so satisfying. What is this? Buyer's remorse? Second guessing? Congenital fussing at things? This Human Studies degree. I still want it, but at the edges of The Plan, there is a dawning yellow-orange light beginning to make its way across the page. What if I did an Interdisciplinary Degree, with Human Studies and Rhetorical Studies?

Does Human Studies + Rhetorical Studies = Narrative Therapy? Or ... almost, anyway. Maybe HS + RS + MA = Narrative Therapy. Maybe the place to take this degree is back to that original idea - the Art Therapy Master's. (uff! That feels like catching the dodge ball directly in the gut!)

Dear Universe,
Why does following a vocation have to feel like so much effort? Shouldn't it be easier to fall in love than this? I'm just wondering.
Exhausted and Wanting More

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