Clean up, toss out, find, file, and label

End of the school year, and naughty, naughty, neglectful me -- I've got PLA essays to get into their large notebook, properly labeled and arranged for their final trip to the folks who'll put my credits into my transcript one of these days. PLA students are supposed to do this bit of business each time an essay comes back, but ... uh ... well, anyway, I need to do that. All that Prior Learning has been Assessed, and needs to be arranged.

My office, too. Yeesh! What a mess the move from autumn, through winter and spring, and now into summer has made in here. It's not just books, files, papers, notes, and course work. This room is a defacto storage room, and it is starting to look like someone picked up the house and shook everything into this corner. Time to dig out again and put everything in a nice home of its own.

I'm going to do the same thing with this blog as well. A new season is dawning. I'm no longer "returning" to school. I'm IN school. So the label that used to say "return to school" is going to say "Student." That's me. Artist, Christian, Cinemaphile, Cogitator, Cook, Educator, Health Hunger, Home Maker, Laugher, Library Assistant, Metamorph, Mother, Pacific Northwesterner, Poet, Reader, STUDENT, Walker, Wife, Writer. And for the next few days, Reorganizer - quick - before I have to add Lunatic to the list.

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Eva Robertson said...

I have the same overhauling urge, isn't that funny? It passed me by in spring, completely, and now it's upon me, just as the heat starts to become oppressive.

BTW, the new blog design is nice and clean, but I also loved the picture you had before. If you can't figure out how to get rid of the border (that was previously cutting into your picture), I think I can help . . . . It took me a while to figure it out in the "Edit HTML" section, but it's pretty easy as I recall.

Happy cleaning!